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Beautiful Scarf named SoHo

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I found some great sock yarn, but I just didn’t want to make socks.  I just can never seem to make 2 socks. So instead, I found a great pattern called SoHo.  It has an easy to remember pattern and you switch between 2 colors every other row.  I had one skein of purple and 1 skein of green/black Zauberball that changes color throughout.

I just love this scarf.  It is lightweight and the color changes are amazing.  This scarf can be worn with the “point” in the front or the back and the side wings are long enough to wrap several times around your neck and be tied.

I loved it so much I made another one, or it’s almost made.  Still on my needles, but nearly finished.  It’s a ball of brown variegated yarn and another ball that goes from blues/teals/greens.  Just think the color changes fit together so well.   This may find it’s way as a Christmas gift this year for somebody special.


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  1. The Knit Café praised the Soho Scarf again today (and deservedly so!) and this is how I found you. Both your scarfs are beautiful – I love your choice of colors!