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Blue Lace Sweater

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I love to knit sweaters.  I’ve been knitting sweaters for about 25 years.  I’ve made colorful ones, cabled ones and woolly warm ones. I’ve even made sweaters and got all the pieces knitted then during the sewing together stage, figured out that I really didn’t like the sweater and never completed it. I know, would have been nice to figure that out before knitting the whole thing!  But I enjoy the process.  So nothing was wasted in knitting it.  How do you feel with your knitting?  When you encounter mistakes made, or yarn that you just don’t love, do you get frustrated? Do you just frog your work and make something else? Do you still enjoy the lessons learned?

I’ve learned something from every sweater I’ve made. I’ve learned a new technique or a new way to do something I’ve done a different way for years. I’ve learned what styles I like, I’ve learned how fit makes a huge difference when following a pattern. I’ve also learned that no matter what pattern I pick out, my body just doesn’t fit it!  LOL

So I’ve learned to tweek patterns and I decide as I go whether I need to work increases and decreases that are recommended in the pattern.  I was always afraid I’d mess up a pattern by making the thing fit me better.  But I have been very happy with the changes I”ve made and somehow the sweaters are fitting way better!

Another thing I have to calculate in as I decide on a sweater is how much yarn do I have? As in the sweater I made here. I love the yarn. It’s a very soft bamboo yarn and I love the color. Problem was, I didn’t have enough for a whole sweater….well a sweater with long sleeves. So off I go and knit and knit and as I get close to sleeve knitting I only had a handful of yarn and decided it needed short sleeves. Dang it! So while I’d rather this thing have 3/4 sleeves or full length sleeves, it still looks ok with short sleeves. The pattern called for short sleeves which is why I choose this pattern.  And I ended up making the sleeves a tad longer than the pattern called for.

So what do you learn from your knitting projects? Do you enjoy the journey of making a garment? Knitting reflects so much our real lives. How do you handle mistakes and choices in life? Are you easily frustrated? Do you roll with it. Do you tweek life as it comes at you to fit your needs?

This is a great summer sweater. Colorful, not to hot and a beautiful lacy pattern down the front and back.







Pattern:  Anisette Cardi by Julie Farmer








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