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Dust Off the Cobwebs! I’m Back

So ok I’ve been gone for a while.  A long while.  Taking care of real life things have caused my online activity to come to a screeching halt.  So I’m currently in a much needed lull!  Let’s hope it lasts more than a few weeks or months.  So I’m diving in full speed ahead into a new online life that I’ve never had.  My usual introvert self is trying to poke through my comfortable walls and branch out a little.

My plan is to get this blog brushed off and start posting on a regular schedule.  I have knitted so many beautiful things over the past few years and I really want to share.  As you know I have several videos on YouTube and I plan on adding a lot more content for beginners and more advanced techniques.  I have new cameras and hopefully the production value will be noticeable! I have also joined the social media world and now have Twitter and Instagram pages.  What?  I know right!  HELLO?, welcome to the 21 century!



The newest and most fun addition to my online activity is a daily knitting broadcast that I started in January.  I have a live knitting show on daily from 3-5pm EST.  Typically was a place for gamers to broadcast their gameplay.  Last year, Twitch added a creative channel and there are many people broadcasting their craft.  I thought why not add a dang knitting show to the lineup! I’ve made some great friendships there with other broadcasters and my viewers.  We interact through chat and I am able to answer questions in real-time and have even had lessons from casting on, changing colors and more advanced techniques.  Please come join me!




ravelry – If you’ve never been to, you’ve got to check it out. A rich resource for knitters and crocheters. I have a picture list of all my projects that I’ve completed listed.  Of course I have a very long FAVORITE list that I hope to one day work my way through and create some new gems!






Twitter – Want to keep up to date on what I’m doing on a daily basis.  Still getting the hang of how/why people use Twitter.  I’m learning.








Instagram – my life in pictures.   Lots of Knitting, Lots of cats.








JennyKnits has a growing Video list of tips and tricks to take your knitting up a notch.  Please leave comments on the video if you have any questions or have suggestions for future videos.






JennyKnits on PinterestFinally made my way over to Pinterest and have been pinning madly!  Feel free to follow my boards!







So lets get this thing kicked off!  Please join me on any of the links above and keep in touch.  Here’s to hoping this year is 10x better than the last!



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