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Em’s Blanket

Made a fast blanket for a new addition to my clan.  Blanket measured about 36″ by 28″ when finished and the pattern is as follows:

Yarn was 2 threads of baby yarn held together to make the blanket a bit more bulky and thicker.  Size 10 needles.

Worked this blanket in between a bunch of other small projects.  Took a couple of months to complete it.   Very easy repeat pattern and I switched colors every 3 inches or so.

Worked about 6 rows of reverse garter stitch (purl every row), maintained a reverse garter stitch border on each side
row 7 –  p4, [YO, K2tog] across to last 4 stitches, p4
row 8 – purl across
row9 – p4, [K2tog, YO] across to last 4 stitches, p4
row 10-12 – purl across
Repeat 7-12 for pattern, when blanket is length you want, then last 6 rows are purl across and bind off.

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