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These are some of the knitting links I find useful and seem to visit ALL THE TIME.

Ravelry – What can I say….love this site.  It’s chocked full of knitting and crochet goodness.  Patterns, yarns, designers, groups of every kind you can think of.    Set up your own area and track your works-in-progress and join in the fun!  My Ravelry id is Wildjen.

Interweave – I subscribe to their email list and always get notices of new patterns and other trends happening in the knitting world….and of course I buy their magazines!

Knitting Daily – also has an email subscription and they regular send out information.  They also will link to videos to learn new tips and tricks.  I also DVR their weekly television show which is 30 minutes and offers knitting and crochet tips.

Knitting Help – A great website with videos when you need a refresher on some of the basics.

Knitty – Great free patterns!  Plus if you sign up for their email list, you’ll get their quarterly notice to go check out the latest patterns.

Needles – an iphone/ipod app that I use to keep track of my knitting needles.  I have so many needles, yet when I’m at the craft store looking at needles, I can’t ever remember if I already have those or is this the size and length I’ve been looking for.  With this app, I can now have my list of needles right there in front of me!  It will sort needles by type (circular, double-point, single point).  Love this!  Oh and did I mention, it’s FREE.  (go to your app store and search for NEEDLES.)

Lion Brand phone App – I just recently discovered this gem.  It’s chocked full of free patterns. …right at my fingertips!  Wooza! And it’s FREE.

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