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Feltted Project Bag was just what I needed!

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Felt BackpackHow many places do we go where we sit and wait?  Doctor’s office, waiting for a friend for lunch, car repair waiting rooms, hospital waiting rooms, I’ve been in all of these places just in the last six months!  What I needed was a cute little project bag that I could load with some yarn and needles and my pattern and off I go to wait…well, KNIT and wait.

Saw this great felted bag in a magazine and thought I’d dig out some wool from my stash and get busy.

I was looking to make a medium size bag so that I could stash yarn projects in there and take it with me. This bag really does the trick.  I just love it.

It was interesting construction and the instructions were great.    The pattern is called Bonnie and Clyde Bag by Christina Moran and you can purchase a copy of the pattern for a mere $5 over on Ravelry.

The bottom of the bag, the felted part, I knit on bigger size 10 needles and waste yarn is inserted when the bottom is the proper size.  Make sure the waste yarn IS NOT WOOL!  I used a cotton yarn and it was easier to pull out after the felting.  The bottom and straps are felted at the same time so I cleaned out my kitchen sink and felted away.

Felt Backpack

The hard part was taking the cotton thread out and picking up stitches through the tiny little holes in order to start knitting the bag.  I think if I did this again, I probably would  knit the final row of the bottom portion in a similar color acrylic yarn that would not felt for just the one row….and then I’d insert the cotton thread through those loops….the bottom would felt, but that one row of acrylic loops would still be intact and I could more easily pick up the stitches and put them back on the needles.  I then used regular wool scraps and knitting in the round I changed colors whenever the mood hit me.

The felted strap is inserted through holes along the top edge and easily cinched to keep it closed.  What’s even better is that there was NO seaming in the construction.  I just weaved in my many colorful ends inside and done.

It was a fun felting project and mixing the felted material along with the knitted stockenette really made the bag beautiful. It really is a lovely little bag and is the perfect size to grab and swing over my shoulder with my next project deep inside.


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