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kitty, knitting, yarn

What’s a knitting blog without a kitty cat?  I mean seriously, blogs, knitting and the internet are all about the kitties….right?

Meet Kiera, our new furbaby.  What a great personality this little one has. She came to us from KarmaCoons cattery in Chuluota, FL.

We are just getting to know her and learn her funny ways.  We just love the way she interacts with us.  As a Maine Coon, she communicates with us with meows and trills and we are learning her language.  And wow, this kitty is a talker!kitty, knitting, yarn

Oh, and she loves yarn.  I had no sooner pulled out my knitting and she was investigating everything in my knitting bag, pulling out yarn and batting the yarn ends on the sweater I’m working on.  She was giving me more help than I knew I needed!

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