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Home Scarf Has a Yarn Ever Matched so Perfectly? Ashes of Al’ar Becomes a Winged Shawl

Has a Yarn Ever Matched so Perfectly? Ashes of Al’ar Becomes a Winged Shawl

IMG_1180Ok, true confessions, I play World of Warcraft. I have played this amazing game for more than 12 years. Seriously, saying this out loud makes me cringe a little. Mostly because I’m sort of old and decrepit  experienced in life for being a gamer.  You don’t find many women my age (or even just women for that matter) playing a video game.  But as Ashes of Al'arI’ve enjoyed this game, I have run across places and items that amaze me.  This photo of a phoenix is a mount in the game that you can win and ride and his name is Ashes of Al’Ar.  It’s difficult to get.  The chances of winning this mount is rare. I have seen people riding this mount and someday I hope to find him and make him mine!

So one day I’m minding my own business drooling over yarn researching things on the internet and whammo I see this yarn and it knocked me back in my chair.  I couldn’t get my credit card out fast enough! Take my money. I had to have this yarn and make something amazing.

Ashes of Al'ar ballThe yarn is from a line called Molly Girl Bass Line.  The colorway is called Barbie Girl.  The colors are so bright and beautiful and vibrant. I started looking on Ravelry immediately to find the project that could show off this yarn in just the right way. Then a few days later, the yarn arrived! I took a A Sockcouple of pictures of this fine yarn then wound it into a ball and started knitting. I thought about socks and even cast on and knit a couple of inches.  I was using a dark grey as an accent color. and while gorgeous, it wasn’t quite right. Frogg’d it. Back to Ravelry and then I found the pattern.  It is a beautiful shawl pattern called Nymphalidea which is named for a large family of butterflies.  I loved the Ashes of Al'ar Scrafsweeping lines of the shawl and thought this would properly show off this Molly Girl Yarn.  I was right.  THIS is the project! I knitted it quickly and blocked it out a few days later.  Yes, THIS is the yarn and pattern.  It brings so much color to your shoulders and sweeps around your neck.  It’s light weight fingering yarn and somehow I managed to still have enough left over to make a pair of socks.  Squee!





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