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This is my spot for all things knitting in my life. I love to knit and want to share what I know with others.

Classes -I offer private lessons at flexible times of the day and week.  Email me to set up a private class.  Private classes are $35 for a 2 hour class.  We’ll meet at a coffee shop or restaurant near you and have our class. I also hold classes on specific topics for knitting techniques and ideas.

twitch1I’ve started a LIVE knitting Show on the Creative channel at  Typically a game streaming website, Twitch has recently expanded into creative outlets.  So my live knitting program is broadcast daily from 3-5pm EST.   JennyKnits on Twitch.

ravelry – If you’ve never been to, you’ve got to check it out. A rich resource for knitters and crocheters. Follow me there.


Twitter – Want to keep up to date on what I’m doing on a daily basis.


Instagram – my life in pictures.


JennyKnits has a growing Video list of tips and tricks to take your knitting up a notch.  Please leave comments on the video if you have any questions or have suggestions for future videos.

JennyKnits on PinterestFinally made my way over to Pinterest and have been pinning madly!  Feel free to follow my boards!


Orlando Knitting Meetup Group – A knitting meetup group to meet other knitters in Orlando. Join us.