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How to Weave in those ends!

Weave in those EndsOne of my all time favorite things to do after completing a great project is weaving in the ends.  Yeah no, not really.  I have actually met people who like to weave in ends. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.

It’s just one of those tasks that actually crosses my mind when I’m picking out a new project.  I always think oh how many ends will this project have?  So over the past few years I’ve tackled quite a few color work projects, and of course, by nature, there will be literally a thousand ends.  So lately I have made a conscious effort to weave in my ends as the project progresses and not wait to do them all at the end.  I will just stop and take 30 minutes to clean up the back of the work and then progress on to the next step.  It looks a lot neater and it really makes it easier at the end.

There are many ways to weave in ends.  Lots of fancy ways to do it.  But I just weave in ends by pulling the end of a color run into the purl loops on the backside of the work.  I will go about 10 stitches or more in one direction, then turn the work and go back towards the beginning by 10-5 stitches.  Its good to try and weave in the ends at least two directions.  If your tail is long enough, go an extra row of burying the end.  The reason for going in lots of directions is that when wearing a garment there will be lots of pulling and tugging.  Like poking your arm in and out a sleeve of a sweater.  Lots of tugging.  So the more directions you weave in the ends, the better the chances that the end will not come undone.  So good luck with your projects and let me know your thoughts on weaving in ends.

So I put together a quick video on how I weave in the ends.


Thanks for watching.

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