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It had to happen.  When two worlds collide the results are sometimes unexpected.  Usually there is disaster and mayhem.  But this time….it makes me giggle.  I made a murloc.  For those of you who have no idea what that is….you need to play World of Warcraft to get it.

Murloc are these adorable and irritating little frog things that usually hang out on the beaches and seem to see you coming from a mile away and start chasing you.  They have this weird gurgle voice that is super irritating to hear.   Murrrrgillll

The pattern can be found over on and although free, it does have a few mistakes in stitch counts and such.  It’s not a huge challenge, but if you’ve read patterns before, you’ll know that pattern authors have mistakes all the time.  It happens.    Just take your time and look at the construction as you go and stuff the fluff into the pieces as you go.

Now I’m looking at a few more creatures in WoW that I’d like to try and knit.  Think I might try to make a tree druid for my hubby.    I’ll post it if I get it done.

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