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Last year at the New Year, I decided to organize some of my knitting.  I started a knitting notebook which has an overview page with a picture of the project and a copy of the pattern attached.  There were a few projects that got away without a photo and page being taken, but overall, I got each project in the book.

I did this for several reasons.  The biggest reason being I wanted to remember the projects that I end up giving away.  And I wanted to be able to put my hands on a pattern again without having to remember which magazine or book I pulled it from and then looking through each magazine to find it again.

Here’s my post from January 2010.

I guess it’s because of the new year and an easy time to make decisions for change, so now is the time to organize my knitting.

I have my box of FOs (Finished Objects) that I’m now whipping into shape. I’ve never kept a knitting journal and have always wanted to. So I gathered up a notebook, plastic page protectors and found a great Knitting Journal info page at  I have started getting organized.  I’m taking photos of my finished projects and keeping notes as to where the patterns are found.  I’m also keeping notes any changes I made as I knitted. I’m snipping bits of the yarn used in the project and taping it to the page so I can see actual color and feel of the yarn. I think this will be very handy on the projects I end up giving away as gifts.

This is a big improvement over my old system which was a scrap of paper here and there, notes stuck in my knitting bags and notes lying on the floor in front of the couch. Now I’ll have a good record of what I’ve accomplished and how each pattern was worked.  I sure wish I’d started this notebook sooner but at least it’s happening now.

I’m also making a copy of each pattern and keeping it with the journal page. Now I’ll be able to quickly start that project again rather than searching back through 50 knitting books and magazines to find the pattern. That will save me a lot of time.

As I go through knitting books and magazines, I’m making a copy of future projects I want to tackle. I have a Ravelry list of future projects, a file folder on my computer containing patterns I’ve downloaded and now a stack of projects I’ve copied.  Now I’m eyeballing my stash and thinking of ways to get that beast tamed.

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