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Sock Loom Knitting

in Socks

I’m teaching a class at Joann’s on Loom Sock knitting.  So I have the yarn and the loom with no instructions.  I’ve used a knifty knitter in the past so I had a pretty good idea how to start and get to the heel portion of the sock.

I finally got a copy of the instructions and once read, I thought, oh my god, I have to teach this?  I find working with the sock loom frustrating.  While challenging to use double point needles, I think they are WAY easier to use over this.

Using a knifty knitter or some other big plastic round loom the pegs are bigger and much easier to pull the yarn up and over each peg.  These pegs are like nails with a very small grove in them to grip the yarn.

Here’s a sample of the instruction sheet I’m to use to teach from…..1) Start with the beginning peg on the long side. Work each peg to the last peg on the short side. Do not work this last peg. 2) Wrap this peg and continue back to the beginning peg. Do not work the first peg. 3) Wrap it and continue back to the end of short side 4) Work the pegs until you get to the peg before the wrapped peg. Wrap this peg……

Ok you can see this is a little UNCLEAR.  I’m a visual learner and so I headed over to youtube and looked up sock loom knitting….and what-a-you-know, I found some great videos.  I thought I’d list them here, so that others who are attempting to knit a sock with this loom can find some help.

Cast On


Heel and Toe Part 1

Heel and Toe Part 2

Binding off loom

Sewing Toe

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Fav Links

in Videos

These are some of the knitting links I find useful and seem to visit ALL THE TIME.

Ravelry – What can I say….love this site.  It’s chocked full of knitting and crochet goodness.  Patterns, yarns, designers, groups of every kind you can think of.    Set up your own area and track your works-in-progress and join in the fun!  My Ravelry id is Wildjen.

Interweave – I subscribe to their email list and always get notices of new patterns and other trends happening in the knitting world….and of course I buy their magazines!

Knitting Daily – also has an email subscription and they regular send out information.  They also will link to videos to learn new tips and tricks.  I also DVR their weekly television show which is 30 minutes and offers knitting and crochet tips.

Knitting Help – A great website with videos when you need a refresher on some of the basics.

Knitty – Great free patterns!  Plus if you sign up for their email list, you’ll get their quarterly notice to go check out the latest patterns.

Needles – an iphone/ipod app that I use to keep track of my knitting needles.  I have so many needles, yet when I’m at the craft store looking at needles, I can’t ever remember if I already have those or is this the size and length I’ve been looking for.  With this app, I can now have my list of needles right there in front of me!  It will sort needles by type (circular, double-point, single point).  Love this!  Oh and did I mention, it’s FREE.  (go to your app store and search for NEEDLES.)

Lion Brand phone App – I just recently discovered this gem.  It’s chocked full of free patterns. …right at my fingertips!  Wooza! And it’s FREE.

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in How To

Last year at the New Year, I decided to organize some of my knitting.  I started a knitting notebook which has an overview page with a picture of the project and a copy of the pattern attached.  There were a few projects that got away without a photo and page being taken, but overall, I got each project in the book.

I did this for several reasons.  The biggest reason being I wanted to remember the projects that I end up giving away.  And I wanted to be able to put my hands on a pattern again without having to remember which magazine or book I pulled it from and then looking through each magazine to find it again.

Here’s my post from January 2010.

I guess it’s because of the new year and an easy time to make decisions for change, so now is the time to organize my knitting.

I have my box of FOs (Finished Objects) that I’m now whipping into shape. I’ve never kept a knitting journal and have always wanted to. So I gathered up a notebook, plastic page protectors and found a great Knitting Journal info page at  I have started getting organized.  I’m taking photos of my finished projects and keeping notes as to where the patterns are found.  I’m also keeping notes any changes I made as I knitted. I’m snipping bits of the yarn used in the project and taping it to the page so I can see actual color and feel of the yarn. I think this will be very handy on the projects I end up giving away as gifts.

This is a big improvement over my old system which was a scrap of paper here and there, notes stuck in my knitting bags and notes lying on the floor in front of the couch. Now I’ll have a good record of what I’ve accomplished and how each pattern was worked.  I sure wish I’d started this notebook sooner but at least it’s happening now.

I’m also making a copy of each pattern and keeping it with the journal page. Now I’ll be able to quickly start that project again rather than searching back through 50 knitting books and magazines to find the pattern. That will save me a lot of time.

As I go through knitting books and magazines, I’m making a copy of future projects I want to tackle. I have a Ravelry list of future projects, a file folder on my computer containing patterns I’ve downloaded and now a stack of projects I’ve copied.  Now I’m eyeballing my stash and thinking of ways to get that beast tamed.

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About Me

My name is Jen Chambers.  I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and teaching for five.  I just love to knit and to teach others how to work a stitch.

I decided to start this website to keep track of my knitting projects.  To have a place to talk about my knitting and other things that interest me and let folks in Orlando who are looking for knitting classes to find some.

If you are interested in learning how to knit, or ready to take your knitting to the next level, I teach private classes.  Classes are $35 for a 2 hour class.  We’ll meet at a coffee shop or restaurant near you and have our class.  Email me at JenChambersKnitting @

I have a meetup group that meets monthly (usually the last Sunday of the month) and we knit for 2 hours and chat.  It’s free to join and you’ll receive emails to remind you when the next meetup is coming.

You can also find me on

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It had to happen.  When two worlds collide the results are sometimes unexpected.  Usually there is disaster and mayhem.  But this time….it makes me giggle.  I made a murloc.  For those of you who have no idea what that is….you need to play World of Warcraft to get it.

Murloc are these adorable and irritating little frog things that usually hang out on the beaches and seem to see you coming from a mile away and start chasing you.  They have this weird gurgle voice that is super irritating to hear.   Murrrrgillll

The pattern can be found over on and although free, it does have a few mistakes in stitch counts and such.  It’s not a huge challenge, but if you’ve read patterns before, you’ll know that pattern authors have mistakes all the time.  It happens.    Just take your time and look at the construction as you go and stuff the fluff into the pieces as you go.

Now I’m looking at a few more creatures in WoW that I’d like to try and knit.  Think I might try to make a tree druid for my hubby.    I’ll post it if I get it done.

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Christmas 2010

Been doing a little Christmas knitting and looked through the many many patterns over at Ravelry.  Made the Christmas tree lights, mitten, ornament dishcloth and an ornament covering for a plastic ball.  All were easy to knit and made for a fast knit.

I love knitting for Christmas.  I’ve tried to make projects for others and hurry to get them done by Christmas but I always seem to knit slower the more I need something done quick.  So I decided this year to make ornaments for others.  I’ve made several of the Christmas balls to give as gifts.  Very fast knit, I made 3 of them in one evening.  The clear plastic balls are from Michaels Craft Store and were on sale for about 60 cents each.  The yarn is a skein of Patons Kroy Sock yarn which matches the socks I made just a little while back.  I can probably get 5 of them made from one skein of yarn.

The dishcloth will be used for the holidays in the guest bathroom.  Made with cotton yarn.  Thinking about making a forest green dishcloth with a christmas tree on it.

A few years ago I made a christmas gnome that now is the angel at the top of my tree each year.  I’d never attempted a doll before so it was fun to try.






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Sock it to Me! – Yep, I said it

in Socks

Finally finished a pair!  After knitting probably 5-6 one socks….I finally decided to just get one pair done!  The pattern is called Nutkin and it’s a free download on Ravelry.

I changed the pattern just a little bit.  I tried 3 times to follow the pattern for the heel and it just didn’t look right and had holes going along the seam.  So I ripped back and used a different pattern for a heel that I knew I could do and looked way better.

I loved this yarn.  It’s Patons Kroy FX colorway clover.  While both socks had the same lot dye number each sock turned out so different in it’s coloring.  I wasn’t trying to match the stripes.  One sock’s colors seem so much brighter.  But I love them and since their my first complete pair, I love them even more!

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Em’s Blanket

Made a fast blanket for a new addition to my clan.  Blanket measured about 36″ by 28″ when finished and the pattern is as follows:

Yarn was 2 threads of baby yarn held together to make the blanket a bit more bulky and thicker.  Size 10 needles.

Worked this blanket in between a bunch of other small projects.  Took a couple of months to complete it.   Very easy repeat pattern and I switched colors every 3 inches or so.

Worked about 6 rows of reverse garter stitch (purl every row), maintained a reverse garter stitch border on each side
row 7 –  p4, [YO, K2tog] across to last 4 stitches, p4
row 8 – purl across
row9 – p4, [K2tog, YO] across to last 4 stitches, p4
row 10-12 – purl across
Repeat 7-12 for pattern, when blanket is length you want, then last 6 rows are purl across and bind off.

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In the Shadows

in Yarn

Front ViewHave you discovered Shadow knitting yet?  It’s a lot of fun and makes for some interesting discussions with folks who see your project.

When viewed from the “normal” straight down angle, your knitting looks like a colorful ribbing project.   You can use any colors you wish, but contrasting colors work best.  Alternating colors every 2 rows.

The fun comes in when you change the angle of view.  Looking at a 45 degree angle at your project, and you’ll discover some clever knitting and purling!

There is a great little book with plenty of patterns in this interesting style of knitting.  It’s called Shadow Knitting by Vivian Hoxbro.    The book contains very nice detailed patterns for winged shawls, squared bags, a matching cap and scarf, vests, sweaters, and Japanese-style kimonos.  $14.93 on Amazon.

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Marigold in Green

in Sweater

Started a new Sweater the other day.  I’ve had this beautiful wool, Paton’s Classic Wool, Moss Heather color,  sitting in my stash and finally found a good project for it.  I only have 6 skeins of this yarn.  For a typical sweater, I’d use at least 9-10 skeins.  I saw this sweater in Interweave Knits, Summer 2010 it’s called Marigold and knew this yarn would be perfect.  It’s short sleeve so I won’t need as much yarn, and the cool lace pattern also lends itself to not much yardage needed.

I’ve never made such a “fitted” sweater.  Usually I go for loose, sometimes baggy, easy-to-get-into sweaters.  I plan on making this sweater for my sister whose figure is much more suited to a fitted sweater than mine.

It’s knitting up quick and after a day of knitting I’m half way up the back on the way to the armhole cast offs.  I plan on working both front panels at the same time, while taking a tad longer to knit, this will ensure both front panels to be exactly the same length.

My goal is to have this done by mid-June.

Update:  Finished Sweater July 19, 2010.  Finished a few other projects while knitting this sweater.

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