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Paper or Plastic? Neither!

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I like to knit up some quick projects in between some of the longer productions.   I’ve started to knit market bags.  Made out of cotton, these bags knit up quick.  I like the fact that the fabric is sort of stretchy.  You can jam a lot of stuff in these bags.   I’ve currently got yarn stuffed in these bags, go figure!  These will make great bags to grab when I head to the grocery.  My only problem there is that I buy WAY MORE than just one bag of groceries!  I’m going to leave a couple of these in my car for stops to Costco where I always seem to have items rolling all over my trunk after I visit.

These are great for taking to the beach, picking up toys around the house and a million other things.

With the cooler weather we are enjoying, I might pack up a little picnic and throw it into one of these bags and head out to my favorite shady tree and…..wait for it……do a little knitting!

Free pattern for the yellow Chevron Bag

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