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Persian Dreams melts my heart

Persian Dreams Close UpEvery now and then a pattern comes along that calls to your heart.  I saw this pattern a while back and thought it was absolutely stunning.  Then a few weeks went by and I saw it again.  This time I added it to my wish list of future projects and thought….someday….this will be mine!

Well that someday was the end of 2015!  I researched the Ravelry forums and read everything I could about this wonderful project.  The project is called Persian Dreams and the designer is Jenise Hope.  Her work is amazing!

I decided to create this project using a dark background rather than the cream background the pattern called for. I also decided to use a long color changing foreground yarn rather than order 20 different colors and have a million ends to knit in. So off I go to KnitPicks and found the yarns that called to me. I picked out Abyss Heather in Palette, a deep dark blue, as the background color and I chose several balls of Chroma for the foreground.  And IMG_0480best of all….the yarn was on sale!  Sold!  Now was the time to knit my dreams!

As for the Chroma, I picked the balls that showed lighter colors since I went with darker blue background. Vermont, Lupine, Groovy, Sandpiper, Carnaval, Pegasus, Sugar Cookie, and New Leaf. So I started a hex and watched the magic unfold. I could knit one hex about every 3-4 days and after I had about 5-6 hexes finished, I blocked them and grafted them together.  I weaved in the ends as I went and became a master of Kitchener stitch!

This project held my attention because I just couldn’t wait to watch the color changes and the beautiful patterns unfold with each hex.  When buying the pattern, the designer offers the original patterns which includes 6 unique patterns.  She also offers an expansion pack with 17 more patterns which allows you to have a different design for each hex.  I had to have the expansion pack!

IIMG_0925 started the project in September 2015 and completed it by Christmas 2015.  I added the date into one of the hexes as a marker of when I worked this project.

I’ve enjoyed every stitch of this great blanket and using sock yarn and small needles was daunting but the end result was worth the journey.IMG_0633

I’m seriously contemplating making another with the cream background and Chroma has introduced new colorways that sing to me.  You’ll see this in a future post!




An overall look of many of the hexes. The colors are so much more vibrant than my photograph can show.









The back is as beautiful as the front!IMG_0637



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