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Rock painting

And now for something totally different!

I’ve never really been very good at drawing or painting, but we decided one day while visiting my parents in North Carolina to paint some rocks.  We had gone tubing down one of the rivers near my parents house, and we picked up some smooth river rocks.  Now what do you do with a  back pack full of rocks?  Bust out the paints!

We sat around the picnic table with all the kids painted our rocks and transformed them into beautiful creations.

We had the book “The Art of Painting Animals on Rocks” as our guide and we painted penguins, foxes, mice and a squirrels.

I painted a squirrel and a mouse.  It was a lot of fun and we so enjoyed each others company and laughed as we saw our paintings come to life.

These kind of paintings would look great sitting on your porch, or placed around steps or in the garden.

My mom still has the rocks sitting on her porch and every time I go home for a visit I see these rocks and remember the fun we had that summer.

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  1. Susan

    Very cute bunny! Great post!