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Sock it to Me! – Yep, I said it

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Finally finished a pair!  After knitting probably 5-6 one socks….I finally decided to just get one pair done!  The pattern is called Nutkin and it’s a free download on Ravelry.

I changed the pattern just a little bit.  I tried 3 times to follow the pattern for the heel and it just didn’t look right and had holes going along the seam.  So I ripped back and used a different pattern for a heel that I knew I could do and looked way better.

I loved this yarn.  It’s Patons Kroy FX colorway clover.  While both socks had the same lot dye number each sock turned out so different in it’s coloring.  I wasn’t trying to match the stripes.  One sock’s colors seem so much brighter.  But I love them and since their my first complete pair, I love them even more!

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