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Sock Loom Knitting

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I’m teaching a class at Joann’s on Loom Sock knitting.  So I have the yarn and the loom with no instructions.  I’ve used a knifty knitter in the past so I had a pretty good idea how to start and get to the heel portion of the sock.

I finally got a copy of the instructions and once read, I thought, oh my god, I have to teach this?  I find working with the sock loom frustrating.  While challenging to use double point needles, I think they are WAY easier to use over this.

Using a knifty knitter or some other big plastic round loom the pegs are bigger and much easier to pull the yarn up and over each peg.  These pegs are like nails with a very small grove in them to grip the yarn.

Here’s a sample of the instruction sheet I’m to use to teach from…..1) Start with the beginning peg on the long side. Work each peg to the last peg on the short side. Do not work this last peg. 2) Wrap this peg and continue back to the beginning peg. Do not work the first peg. 3) Wrap it and continue back to the end of short side 4) Work the pegs until you get to the peg before the wrapped peg. Wrap this peg……

Ok you can see this is a little UNCLEAR.  I’m a visual learner and so I headed over to youtube and looked up sock loom knitting….and what-a-you-know, I found some great videos.  I thought I’d list them here, so that others who are attempting to knit a sock with this loom can find some help.

Cast On


Heel and Toe Part 1

Heel and Toe Part 2

Binding off loom

Sewing Toe

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