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Sock Making in General

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Pile of SocksOk, Socks.  You either knit a bunch of them, or you don’t knit any of them.  Up until recently, I only could ever knit ONE of them.  I’ve had a condition for years that prevented me from completing a pair of socks.  Yes I had one-sock-syndrome. I’m sure people have heard about the big black hole that lives in the dryer that sucks up socks that you are washing and drying.  Socks disappear there, never to be seen again.  Now that becomes a problem when you have TWO socks.  My problem has been that I get jazzed to knit socks, I cast on and get busy making a sock.  Oh I love the pattern, the colors, the shape as the heel gets turned, the gusset, the toe, just amazing to watch a sock pop out of your string.  Then the magic ends and the thought of casting on again to knit exactly the same thing, would make me cringe and off I’d go looking for a new project.  Hedgehog

So I loved socks, just never a pair of socks.  Until recently.  I bought some beautiful Hedgehog sock yarn and thought dammit Jim you are a knitter!  So off I went and what-a-you-know, I knit the 2nd sock with ease.  I felt like I had just won a marathon.  I knit two socks, in the same yarn, in the same pattern, one-right-after-the-other!

Then I put down those sock needles and went off to knit other projects and the socks kept kicking around in my head, see what I did there?  No?  LOL?  So I started thinking that I’d Dither Socklike to knit more socks.  So I did.  Then I couldn’t stop!  I’ve knitted Striped socks, Gator Orange and Blue socks, Slipped Stitch Socks, and my current sock project is called Dither.  The pattern can be found on Ravelry of course for free!  I’ve completed the pair, it’s a special order and they turned out beautifully!

And you know what, I just placed a huge order with KnitPicks for more sock yarn!  Oh my!  I’ve knit several pair cuff down and several pair toe up.  I’ve also been introduced to the heel-of-a-life time called Fish Lips Kiss. It is a stunning heel and while using short rows, does Slip Stitchnot show any holes and no stitches are picked up for gussets. There is nothing not to love about this heel pattern and what’s really great is that I also use the heel pattern to make the toe!  So much win.  You can find the pattern for this heel on Ravelry of course and it’s only a $1.  What you get is a huge e-book with how to measure socks in every way imaginable and also this beautiful heel.

IMG_1131There are other ways to overcome the one-sock-syndrome.  Some people learn to knit two at a time socks, which for me was a hassle having 2 socks and 2 balls of yarn hanging around to tangle.  Some people even learn to knit one sock inside the other sock at the same time, yeah one wrong move and you’ve knit them together, not going to happen for me, I know the mess I could make on that one!  Gator Socks

So right now I seem to have overcome my weaknesses and I’m having an absolute ball making socks, TWO of them and I hope you give socks a try again if you suffer with only one sock being finished.  You can do it!

Blue Stripes




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