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Yarn Bombing!

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Have you heard about yarn bombing or tagging?  Have you tried it?  Yarn bombing is a stealth mission for many knitters!  It’s going into your city and finding objects that just need a little knitting graffiti.  Adding a scarf to a city statue, wrapping a parking meter pole with a little colorful love…..anything really can be bombed.  It’s a fun project to do with your knitting group.

Well I started a yarn bombing project with a friend and we are having an absolute ball creating and designing our masterpieces.  The chairs are just Yarn Bomb chairwonderful and my friend found them literally on the curb waiting for the trash man.  She snagged 2 of them and dragged them home and now they’ll be given a new life.

Nancy's ChairWe meet weekly and sew on the pieces we’ve completed since our last visit.  And we plot and plan how we want to change this or that and prepare for the next visit.  Our goal is to cover every inch of the chair and hopefully have an explosion of texture and color on permanent display in our homes.  It’s been a great project to try new stitches, new techniques and new color combinations.

The finished product turned out so great.  What a fun project this was to tackle. Here is a photo of her completed chair as well.

yarn bomb earbudsI was sitting in my knitting chair and glanced over at my earbuds….then looked what happened!

Have you ever done a project like this?  Have you ever snuck out at night and yarn bombed something in your town!


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